Which specialties are in your Hanoi cooking class?

Hanoi not only is famous for its history of thousands of years of civilization, but also attracts a many tourists with a variety of delicious specialties. We are pleased to introduce you to Hanoi cooking center where you get to try lots of Vietnamese food

Hanoi cuisine is always something attractive and unique. And here are some dishes you probably try in this cooking class in Hanoi

1. La Vong Grilled fish


As famous as noodle soup is Cha Ca La Vong (grilled fish) in Hanoi cuisine. Fish is fried in an oil pan and each table will have a small charcoal stove and a small pan to grill fish. The fish is served with toasted pancake, vermicelli, along with peanuts, cilantro, basils, fresh chopped spring onions and shrimp paste. Shrimp sauce must be prepared by squeezed fresh lemon, pepper and then, beaten up with oil, a few drops of white wine, a little fat and sugar.

It sounds many ingredients, but no worries, the host in the cooking class will take you to the local market and purchase all of them to ensure the tasty dish

2. Vermicelli soup with chicken, eggs and grilled pork

It is the dish showing the essence of the cuisine features in Hanoi. This kind of soup includes many ingredients like shredded chicken, fried eggs, grilled pork rolls. The broth must be water from stewed prawn pork bones and shrimp. A delicious sauce of broth must be clear and gently fragrant and added with shrimp paste. If you have chance to take Hanoi street food tour, please take time to enjoy the vermicelli soup with chicken, fried eggs and grilled pork rolls at local eateries often visited by locals

3. Vermicelli with grilled pork


Pretty small grilled until they are slightly scorched will have the taste of tangy marinated spices, be served with sweet and sour sauce of vinegar, garlic, peppers, pepper mixed with green papaya pieces. It is also eaten with vermicelli and fresh herbs in which perilla leaves is a must. And another things plays also a very important role is a dipping sauce and this cooking class in the local house, the lady shows you guys how to make a dipping sauce that is very crucial for this dish

4. Green rice cake

The most delicious green rice cake is sold in Nguyen Ninh store, 11 Hang Than Street. So far, Nguyen Ninh still sells green rice cake with the traditional way of making cake. The green rice cake has a fresh green color and thin crust. You can even see the first yellow filling inside the cake. When eating, you will feel the aroma of coconut and green bean. It is so attractive, isn’t it? Do not miss this cake while traveling Hanoi

5. Stuffed pancake


Hanoi people prefer less greasy foods so stuffed pancake is a delicious typical dish of the city. Rice to be coated must be carefully selected and then, ground into flour and mixed with water. When making stuffed pancake they will pour a thin layer of rice flour liquid mixture on the stove and quickly take it out to the plate. Sprinkle with chopped meat stir fried with mushrooms and roll it. Finally, add a little shredded shrimp meat on the top. It will be served with dipping sauce and grilled pork roll slices. And this dish is also a highlight in a menu of Hanoi cooking class

6. Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste

This dish seems to become the one that any travelers would love to enjoy once in Hanoi. The vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste is suitable for all seasons and can please everyone. Deep fried tofu will be cut into pieces. The most important thing is the shrimp sauce squeezed with kumquat or lemon and then, beaten up and added with a little hot oil. Nothing tasty than dipping the vermicelli and fried tofu into the shrimp paste

7. Pho


The noodle soup is the first one you should try for travel in Hanoi. The famous vendor for pho is on Hang Trong Street’s pavement. There is no table for customers to eat but small chairs but all those come always enjoy the bowl of noodle soup in the very tasty way. Especially, in this cooking course, a Hanoian lady who is a teacher will guide you to make a delicious bowl of Pho with fresh ingredients.

In addition, if you’d like to experience like locals often do eat sidewalk, make sure to mark this places such as Pho Ly Quoc Su. If you want to eat chicken noodle soup, please go to is the stalls on Quan Thanh Street. In case you want to try sweet and sour mixing noodle, you can go to Lan Ong Street or Luong Van Can Street. No trying Hanoi noodle soup means that you never come to this city.

These above mentioned dishes are the typical ones you should give it a try when you are visiting around Hanoi or taking part in a cooking class to partially know about its unique cuisine. Come and try once in a lifetime!