Vietnamese Sticky Rice and Southern street food

Sticky Rice

Served year round, sticky rice is especially popular during cold weather. We present some favorite varieties

Xôi xéo (Green bean sticky rice)


As well as being delicious, this treat is attractive, mixing various shades of yellow. To make perfect xôi xéo, the cook selects quality glutinous rice, soaks it and filters it. The topping is comprised of fried onions, scrubbed green beans and chicken fat. The onions are fried in chicken fat until golden and crispy. The green beans are nutritious, filling and buttery. Before serving, the cook adds another dollop of chicken fat to make the rice softer and chewier. This dish is especially popular at breakfast.

Xoi gac (Sticky rice with gac fruit)

A symbol of good luck, sticky rice with gac fruit has a wonderful bright orange-red colour thanks to the minced flesh of the gac fruit, a type of gourd. This dish is typically served during the Tet holidays and prepared for rituals. No party to mark the end of the Lunar New Year is complete without a plate of red xoi gac. As well as being eye-catching, this dish is packed with Vitamin A. Gac seeds are soaked in white wine and mixed with glutinous rice to add colour and fragrance to the glutinous rice. Sugar is added to give the rice a mildly sweet flavor. Many families also add copra and coconut juice to make the sticky rice richer. Some cooks scatter on green beans to make this dish even more colorful.

Xôi săn (Cassava sticky rice)


On chilly days in northern Vietnam, one still can hear the echoing cries of xoi san vendors. A typical food of the rural north, this dish is made of fine glutinous rice mixed with fresh cassava chopped into wedges. It can be served with sesame seeds or with Chinese sausages. In many regions, cassava sticky rice is mixed with deep fried onions and a little bit of grease.

Southern Street Food

Apart from Hanoi cuisine that you may enjoy its taste, the owner of Hen restaurant wants to introduce typical southern Vietnamese street food to Hanoians. Here, Diners will find simple but delicious fare like oysters, shellfish, burnt rice and hot pots that bring the breezy, sunny atmosphere of the South to Hanoi. Dishes to try include

Broken rice

Stands selling “broken rice” are everywhere in southern Vietnam, where this dish is eaten for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Broken rice typically includes fish sauce, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, meat and rice. The flavors run the gamut from sweet, salty, spicy and sour.

Burnt rice


While this dish looks simple, it takes skill to get it right. The chef creates a “bowl” of crispy golden rice in the bottom of the rice pot, then adds lard with spring onions, poached fish, peppers and tasty gravy.

Chinese medicinal herb hotpot

This dish owes elements to both China and Vietnam. The ingredients are chicken’s feet, cow’s tails and stewed medicinal herbs. As well as being tasty, this dish is said to have health benefits. It is usually eaten with duck eggs, vegetables, onions, and noodles or white vermicelli.

Boiled pork rolls

Rolls have long been popular in central and southern Vietnam. Boiled pork is sliced into thin pieces and rolled in rice paper with vermicelli, fresh herbs, star fruit, green banana, and ginger. Healthy, fresh and delicious, these rolls burst with flavors.

Grilled scallops

Scallops are carefully cleaned, then grilled with lard and spring onions. This delicious dish is very simple, but reminds diners of the southern seaside.


Leng shellfish stewed with coconut milk

Popular in southern Vietnam, Leng shellfish can be cooked in different ways. They are especially tasty with coconut milk. Spices like chili, onions and citronella add to the dish’s appeal.