Vietnam cuisine – you’ve tried?

To Vietnam, visiting many provinces of the country, you will see many delicious dishes that no one cannot refuse, please join us to travel to some places and enjoy the foods.

Geo-Duck in Quang Ninh

Tasty Geo-Duck in Quang Ninh

Geo-Duck is an unfamiliar seafood and not much like shrimp, crab, oysters, or snails but if you have chance to enjoy the taste of the typical dish of this coastal region, it is impossible to forget. Geo-Duck is often steamed as the appetizer. It is both cool and typically sweet. Steamed Geo-Duck meat is crispy and mingled with the smell of fragrant spices.

Grilled dishes in Sapa – Lao Cai

In the winter of Sapa with the coldness in every breath, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting in front of the coal stove and enjoy the hot grilled dishes together at night. The grilled dishes of pig stomach, salmon, cooked eggs, meat skewers with the typical fragrance are enough to dispel the freezing atmosphere of the mountains and forests of the Northwest in Vietnam.

Hanoi pho (noodle soup)

Ha Noi pho(noodle soup)

Pho is considered the culinary essence of the city’s residents. Pho here is delicious and has many tastes like beef noodle, chicken noodle and many well-known brands such as Pho Thin, Pho Ly Quoc Su, Pho Bat Dan… It is not only the familiar dish to the locals but also the “specialty” that any foreign visitors coming to Hanoi will want to enjoy at least one time. Do you want to cook this kind of food? If you like, please come to us, Hanoi cooking class, to learn how to make it and enjoy the dish.

Am Phu Rice in Hue

Am Phu Rice in Hue is one of the dishes representing the arts of processing in Hue cuisine. With its harmonious taste and subtle decoration according to royal style, tourists who visit Hue not only can eat a perfect dish but also feel impressive with the eye-catching decoration style.
The name of this dish is taken from the name of a restaurant making this dish.

Quang style noodle in Da Nang

Quang style noodle in Da Nang

The delicious bowls of noodle soup with typical flavors always capture tourists’ attention to travel to Da Nang. Soft rice noodles blended with fatty and sweet flavor of broth. It is a kind of Vietnamese noodle soups, originating from Quang Nam.

Dak Lak venison

Dak Lak is famous for grilled marinated venison slices which are grease and full of spices, eaten with fresh ginger. The soft venison slices with the gingery taste will make the gourmet interested while eating without drinking alcohol.

Grilled Lang Fish with coal in Dak Nong

Placing a piece of grilled Lang fish on the rolling rice paper with fresh herbs, slices of green banana, star fruits, pineapple, rice noodles; rolling it up and dipping in a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce with garlic, chilli, lime and sugar are what you will do to enjoy the specialty of Dak Nong. You will gradually feel its taste on your tongue. How delicious it is!

Binh Duong style roasted chicken with fried sticky rice

Binh Duong style grilled chicken with fried sticky rice

In Binh Duong, the roasted chicken is served with sticky rice. There are many kinds of sticky rice such as black bean sticky rice, green bean sticky rice, and sweet gourd sticky rice and so on.

A plate of fried sticky rice will be served next to a plate of roasted chicken. Anyone who sees this dish will want to eat it immediately. If you have chance to visit Binh Duong, do not forget to try this one.

Girdle-cake in Lam Dong (Da Lat)

If you miss the girdle-cake, it will mean that you never visit Da Lat. The ingredients for this kind of cake include dried beef slices, sausages, cheese and deep fried eggs with onions. You will feel the crunchy taste of the cake with fatty cheese and the aroma from the dried beef. Enjoying this dish in the coldness of the winter is extremely great.

U Minh fish sauce hot pot (Ca Mau)

U Minh fish sauce hot pot (Ca Mau)

To make this hot pot, they will stew the meat first, take the bone out and then, add spices and sugar. They also add some sliced lemongrass to make it flavor. Sometimes, they can replace sugar with the cow milk depending on different tastes. Remember to give it a try this special hot pot when coming to U Minh (Ca Mau).

Pancake in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan)

Pancake-Phan-Thiet-Binh Thuan
Pancake in Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan)

It is not like the pancake in Saigon with much oil, pancake in Phan Thiet is smaller but more meat and fried with less oil. So, its taste is very different. It is very crunchy and worthy for you to give a try. With Hanoi cooking class, you can not only learn how to cook many traditional dishes of Vietnam but also know more about Vietnamese cuisine for each region.