Moc Chau – The most worthy destination from Hanoi in December

None of the places like Hà Giang or Đà Lạt is worthy for you to pay a visit in December because Moc Chau is that one with the most wonderful things waiting for you ahead from Hanoi


Moc Chau in this season is very fresh and cool

Being the most beautiful and vast plateau in the north of Vietnam, Moc Chau with fresh and cool air is always the place where visitors never want to leave. With Hanoi Ultimate Adventures, you get to enjoy unique experiences at off the beaten path destinations where Ultimate Hanoi Adventures-the local tour operator offer and organize programs to travelers.

In the summer, people visit Moc Chau to escape from the heat and high noon along with the prosperous but stifling urban places. But when the autumn comes, many tourists still come to Moc Chau with unique charm to feel the early coldness of the season.

Moc Chau Plateau

Waking up early in the morning to sniff the fresh air of Moc Chau Plateau, and then, quietly ensconcing in a sweater to enjoy this beautiful natural place may be one of the most wonderful moments that you hardly feel in other places.

Moc Chau this season is time for blooming cauliflower flowers

When the earth is entering the last days of autumn for the upcoming winter, it is also the time cauliflower is blooming white all over Moc Chau. Coming to Moc Chau in this season, visitors will easily see the plains or valleys of cauliflowers, like the paintings of lush green prairies.

There is no lack of places to go in Moc Chau in this season


Moc Chau seemed to be given many wonderful things by the nature so that how many times tourists visit this place, they never feel bored with the land. Especially, Hanoi local operator offers a lot of different tours with interesting activities to discover the beauty of Moc Chau so tourists can fully enjoy the trip.

S-shaped road

Moc Chau is beautiful from the roads to the famous places for sightseeing. Definitely, the backpackers will not miss S-shaped road or the one along the Highway 6, from Long Luong to Long Sap border gate.

The spectacular roads

In addition, when referring to the roads, visitors will surely be fascinated by the small but winding roads into On Village, adorned by the green and yellow of the leaves of young corns, with the jungle of mysterious cliffs.

Green and quiet lake

When visiting Moc Chau, the pine forest in Ban Ang is also a cannot miss destination because you will be immersed in a peaceful and quiet natural setting with quiet and green lake, the blue sky and the pine forest nearby. You can enjoy the natural scenery and ride the duck boat on the lake to relax. Moreover, Ban Ang ecological zone offers full catering services and tents for renting, so we can consider staying overnight right next to the lake and hold a barbecue dinner if desired.

Enjoy Hanoi cuisine follow each season

Small but beautiful strawberry garden like Da Lat

Coming to Moc Chau this season, you will be very surprised because the place is now having pretty little strawberry garden like in Da Lat. Located Ban Ang ecotourism site about 1km, we can visit the garden and pick fresh sweet strawberries by yourselves and enjoy them.

Visiting a tea plantation


Once visiting Moc Chau, you definitely own several pictures you take amongst the vast tea hill with the green color of tea buds. The tea hills the tourism lovers often take photos are Dai Loan tea plantation, Tan Lap 1 & 2 tea plantation and Moc Suong. These tea hills are the same direction so it is quite easy for you if you want to take pictures to put into your collection of heart-shaped tea plantation.

No shortage of beautiful homestays in Moc Chau this season

Moc Chau not only treasures the breath-taking scenes alluring visitors but also make you fascinated by the gorgeous paradise homestay with unexpected amenities.
Surely, no one can forget Arena Village homestay with the colorful bedroom containers that many tourists take photos during the whole summer. With quite cheap room rates, only 250.000 VND to 800.000 VND, the super beautiful container houses with harmonious space with nature is not ever hot for tourists visiting Moc Chau. Besides, there are many unique and lovely homestay houses from the stairs to the double room, dorm rooms designed very sweetly and well-equipped for your pleasure and rest in Moc Chau heaven.

Moc Chau is in the most ideal season, so what are you waiting for? Prepare everything and be ready for a trip to Moc Chau from Hanoi in order to enjoy the most wonderful things the nature gives to this place. Hanoi local agency will be a trustful address for you if you need a tour to visit the famous destinations in Vietnam, especially Moc Chau. Do not miss the time with the great moments!