Moc Chau – The most worthy destination from Hanoi in December

None of the places like Hà Giang or Đà Lạt is worthy for you to pay a visit in December because Moc Chau is that one with the most wonderful things waiting for you ahead from Hanoi


Moc Chau in this season is very fresh and cool

Being the most beautiful and vast plateau in the north of Vietnam, Moc Chau with fresh and cool air is always the place where visitors never want to leave. With Hanoi travel agency, we will bring you once-in-a-lifetime wonderful experiences. We always accompany with you in all trips.

In the summer, people visit Moc Chau to escape from the heat and high noon along with the prosperous but stifling urban places. But when the autumn comes, many tourists still come to Moc Chau with unique charm to feel the early coldness of the season.

Moc Chau Plateau

Waking up early in the morning to sniff the fresh air of Moc Chau Plateau, and then, quietly ensconcing in a sweater to enjoy this beautiful natural place may be one of the most wonderful moments that you hardly feel in other places.

Moc Chau this season is time for blooming cauliflower flowers

When the earth is entering the last days of autumn for the upcoming winter, it is also the time cauliflower is blooming white all over Moc Chau. Coming to Moc Chau in this season, visitors will easily see the plains or valleys of cauliflowers, like the paintings of lush green prairies.

There is no lack of places to go in Moc Chau in this season


Moc Chau seemed to be given many wonderful things by the nature so that how many times tourists visit this place, they never feel bored with the land. Especially, Hanoi travel agency offers a lot of different tours with interesting activities to discover the beauty of Moc Chau so tourists can fully enjoy the trip.

S-shaped road

Moc Chau is beautiful from the roads to the famous places for sightseeing. Definitely, the backpackers will not miss S-shaped road or the one along the Highway 6, from Long Luong to Long Sap border gate.

The spectacular roads

In addition, when referring to the roads, visitors will surely be fascinated by the small but winding roads into On Village, adorned by the green and yellow of the leaves of young corns, with the jungle of mysterious cliffs.

Green and quiet lake

When visiting Moc Chau, the pine forest in Ban Ang is also a cannot miss destination because you will be immersed in a peaceful and quiet natural setting with quiet and green lake, the blue sky and the pine forest nearby. You can enjoy the natural scenery and ride the duck boat on the lake to relax. Moreover, Ban Ang ecological zone offers full catering services and tents for renting, so we can consider staying overnight right next to the lake and hold a barbecue dinner if desired.

Enjoy Hanoi cuisine follow each season

Small but beautiful strawberry garden like Da Lat

Coming to Moc Chau this season, you will be very surprised because the place is now having pretty little strawberry garden like in Da Lat. Located Ban Ang ecotourism site about 1km, we can visit the garden and pick fresh sweet strawberries by yourselves and enjoy them.

Visiting a tea plantation


Once visiting Moc Chau, you definitely own several pictures you take amongst the vast tea hill with the green color of tea buds. The tea hills the tourism lovers often take photos are Dai Loan tea plantation, Tan Lap 1 & 2 tea plantation and Moc Suong. These tea hills are the same direction so it is quite easy for you if you want to take pictures to put into your collection of heart-shaped tea plantation.

No shortage of beautiful homestays in Moc Chau this season

Moc Chau not only treasures the breath-taking scenes alluring visitors but also make you fascinated by the gorgeous paradise homestay with unexpected amenities.
Surely, no one can forget Arena Village homestay with the colorful bedroom containers that many tourists take photos during the whole summer. With quite cheap room rates, only 250.000 VND to 800.000 VND, the super beautiful container houses with harmonious space with nature is not ever hot for tourists visiting Moc Chau. Besides, there are many unique and lovely homestay houses from the stairs to the double room, dorm rooms designed very sweetly and well-equipped for your pleasure and rest in Moc Chau heaven.

Moc Chau is in the most ideal season, so what are you waiting for? Prepare everything and be ready for a trip to Moc Chau from Hanoi in order to enjoy the most wonderful things the nature gives to this place. Hanoi local agency will be a trustful address for you if you need a tour to visit the famous destinations in Vietnam, especially Moc Chau. Do not miss the time with the great moments!

Which specialties are in your Hanoi cooking class?

Hanoi not only is famous for its history of thousands of years of civilization, but also attracts a many tourists with a variety of delicious specialties. We are pleased to introduce you to Hanoi cooking center where you get to try lots of Vietnamese food

Hanoi cuisine is always something attractive and unique. And here are some dishes you probably try in this cooking class in Hanoi

1. La Vong Grilled fish


As famous as noodle soup is Cha Ca La Vong (grilled fish) in Hanoi cuisine. Fish is fried in an oil pan and each table will have a small charcoal stove and a small pan to grill fish. The fish is served with toasted pancake, vermicelli, along with peanuts, cilantro, basils, fresh chopped spring onions and shrimp paste. Shrimp sauce must be prepared by squeezed fresh lemon, pepper and then, beaten up with oil, a few drops of white wine, a little fat and sugar.

It sounds many ingredients, but no worries, the host in the cooking class will take you to the local market and purchase all of them to ensure the tasty dish

2. Vermicelli soup with chicken, eggs and grilled pork

It is the dish showing the essence of the cuisine features in Hanoi. This kind of soup includes many ingredients like shredded chicken, fried eggs, grilled pork rolls. The broth must be water from stewed prawn pork bones and shrimp. A delicious sauce of broth must be clear and gently fragrant and added with shrimp paste. If you have chance to take Hanoi street food tour, please take time to enjoy the vermicelli soup with chicken, fried eggs and grilled pork rolls at local eateries often visited by locals

3. Vermicelli with grilled pork


Pretty small grilled until they are slightly scorched will have the taste of tangy marinated spices, be served with sweet and sour sauce of vinegar, garlic, peppers, pepper mixed with green papaya pieces. It is also eaten with vermicelli and fresh herbs in which perilla leaves is a must. And another things plays also a very important role is a dipping sauce and this cooking class in the local house, the lady shows you guys how to make a dipping sauce that is very crucial for this dish

4. Green rice cake

The most delicious green rice cake is sold in Nguyen Ninh store, 11 Hang Than Street. So far, Nguyen Ninh still sells green rice cake with the traditional way of making cake. The green rice cake has a fresh green color and thin crust. You can even see the first yellow filling inside the cake. When eating, you will feel the aroma of coconut and green bean. It is so attractive, isn’t it? Do not miss this cake while traveling Hanoi

5. Stuffed pancake


Hanoi people prefer less greasy foods so stuffed pancake is a delicious typical dish of the city. Rice to be coated must be carefully selected and then, ground into flour and mixed with water. When making stuffed pancake they will pour a thin layer of rice flour liquid mixture on the stove and quickly take it out to the plate. Sprinkle with chopped meat stir fried with mushrooms and roll it. Finally, add a little shredded shrimp meat on the top. It will be served with dipping sauce and grilled pork roll slices. And this dish is also a highlight in a menu of Hanoi cooking class

6. Vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste

This dish seems to become the one that any travelers would love to enjoy once in Hanoi. The vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste is suitable for all seasons and can please everyone. Deep fried tofu will be cut into pieces. The most important thing is the shrimp sauce squeezed with kumquat or lemon and then, beaten up and added with a little hot oil. Nothing tasty than dipping the vermicelli and fried tofu into the shrimp paste Continue reading “Which specialties are in your Hanoi cooking class?” »

Vietnamese cuisine: food for thoughts

Nothing seems more wonderful than beginning a new day with a hot steaming bowl of Pho (aka Vietnam’s noodle soup). The favored chicken or beef Pho can be served anywhere, at any time in Vietnam. People here enjoy their Pho indoors, at strait corners or even on the street, among the soundtrack of car honks and scooters. No matter how modernized and bustling the country has become, the breakfast habit apparently remains unchanged. Considered a symbol of Vietnamese kitchen, but Pho is also obsessed by millions of people in other countries, including the USA. When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, this signature dish may be the very first thing that foreigners think about.

A hot bowl of Pho is the great way to start a new day

However, there’s much more for food lovers to discover since an unending variety of authentic Vietnamese dishes are available all the time. Obviously, the universe cannot only spin around flat rice noodles and broth. Soupaholics can choose themselves a favorite among fish soup, beef soup, and even different types of porridge. For those who prefer a combination of fried egg, grilled meat, sauce and vegetables, a delectable loaf of banh mi is always ready to be grabbed. Speaking of combinations, it is a deficiency if you miss your chance to taste Goi cuon (aka Nem ran), which are translucent spring rolls packed with salad greens, herbs, a slither of seafood or pork and rice. If you’re looking for streetside snack, a heaven full of Bot chien, Banh xeo, Banh ran, Nem lui… and countless kinds of Che ( sweet dessert soup) are waiting for you in Hanoi’s and Hoian’s old quarters. Even vegetarians find no difficulty in capturing their favorite dishes, which are mainly made from common ingredients in Vietnam: tofu, mushroom, corn and so on. Continue reading “Vietnamese cuisine: food for thoughts” »

Vietnamese Sticky Rice and Southern street food

Sticky Rice

Served year round, sticky rice is especially popular during cold weather. We present some favorite varieties

Xôi xéo (Green bean sticky rice)


As well as being delicious, this treat is attractive, mixing various shades of yellow. To make perfect xôi xéo, the cook selects quality glutinous rice, soaks it and filters it. The topping is comprised of fried onions, scrubbed green beans and chicken fat. The onions are fried in chicken fat until golden and crispy. The green beans are nutritious, filling and buttery. Before serving, the cook adds another dollop of chicken fat to make the rice softer and chewier. This dish is especially popular at breakfast.

Xoi gac (Sticky rice with gac fruit)

A symbol of good luck, sticky rice with gac fruit has a wonderful bright orange-red colour thanks to the minced flesh of the gac fruit, a type of gourd. This dish is typically served during the Tet holidays and prepared for rituals. No party to mark the end of the Lunar New Year is complete without a plate of red xoi gac. As well as being eye-catching, this dish is packed with Vitamin A. Gac seeds are soaked in white wine and mixed with glutinous rice to add colour and fragrance to the glutinous rice. Sugar is added to give the rice a mildly sweet flavor. Many families also add copra and coconut juice to make the sticky rice richer. Some cooks scatter on green beans to make this dish even more colorful.

Xôi săn (Cassava sticky rice)


On chilly days in northern Vietnam, one still can hear the echoing cries of xoi san vendors. A typical food of the rural north, this dish is made of fine glutinous rice mixed with fresh cassava chopped into wedges. It can be served with sesame seeds or with Chinese sausages. In many regions, cassava sticky rice is mixed with deep fried onions and a little bit of grease.

Southern Street Food

Apart from Hanoi cuisine that you may enjoy its taste, the owner of Hen restaurant wants to introduce typical southern Vietnamese street food to Hanoians. Here, Diners will find simple but delicious fare like oysters, shellfish, burnt rice and hot pots that bring the breezy, sunny atmosphere of the South to Hanoi. Dishes to try include Continue reading “Vietnamese Sticky Rice and Southern street food” »

Enjoy Hanoi cuisine follow each season

Summer is the season for beach holidays. To celebrate summertime, we present some of Vietnam’s favorite seafood dishes

Prawns steamed in beer or coconut juice


Salted prawns are set aside for 10 minutes, then washed and steamed. Add lemongrasses to enhance the fragrance. Boiling the prawns in beer or coconut juice adds flavor. This is a wonderful dish to share with friends on a hot summer evening.

Roasted crabs with tamarind

This dish makes a divine afternoon snack on the beach. Beautiful, fragrant steamed red crabs are coated in tamarind sauce. The sauce is thick, and has a mouth-watering sweet and sour flavor.

Squid soup with pineapple

This freshly tangy soup contains boiled squid, tomatoes, pineapple, and dried onions. For flavor, the chef adds tamarind sauce, soy sauce, dried chilies, seasoning, spring onions and laksa leaves. This tasty and healthy soup is served with rice vermicelli or rice.

Grilled fish

Easy to prepare, grilled fish is a crowd-pleaser. Choose fresh fish and don’t over-cook it. This dish would not be the same without soy sauce with sliced chili. The fish has a naturally sweet flavor that is offset by the salty and spicy sauce. In addition, you can enjoy another specialty called Cha ca La Vong, such a yummy dish.

Squid meatballs

Peel, wash and slice some fresh squid. Add pepper, spices, spring onions, fennel and laksa leaves and grind the mix together. When the squid meat is dense and sticky, it’s kneaded into small meatballs. Squid meatballs can be served with chili sauce or with soy sauce with lemon, garlic and fresh chili. The sticky and buttery taste of this dish is addictive.

Grilled clams with fried onions


This simple dish is a favorite. Clams are marinated with spices, sugar and chili powder along with some ground peanuts and spring onions. The clams are grilled until soft and buttery, then served with fried onions and peanuts. This dish tickles your nostrils and awakens all your senses. Continue reading “Enjoy Hanoi cuisine follow each season” »